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Some stress is good for us, as it stops us being bored and helps us to perform better. If we are under too much stress though, for long periods of time and don’t address it we may feel irritable or exhausted. Taking small steps and making small change, which are not over whelming, can make a big difference. Below are some hints and tips which you may find useful.

  • Practice calm breathing. Sit in a quiet place, or wherever you are and breathe deeply ten times.
  • Say in your head ten times, ‘I am calm’ and watch how this makes you feel more relaxed.
  • Exercise. Any form of exercise will release feel good hormones and change your mood into a positive one. Choose a type of exercise you really enjoy.
  • Writing your feelings in a diary will stop you bottling things up and will help with the problem solving process.
  • Change your routine. Doing things differently or changing the pattern of what you normally do, even little changes. will refresh you and help to break unhealthy patterns.
  • Give your self more time. Make a list of what you want to do each day and prioritise. If you are doing a task and feel blocked, rather than struggle with it, just leave it, do something else and go back to it later.
  • Focus on one thing at a time if possible. We often multi-task and lose the enjoyment of the task we are working on.
  • Concentrate on the here and now. Make a conscious effort not to be preoccupied by the past or be worried about the future. Enjoy the now.
  • Clear the clutter.Our external environment reflects our internal state. Start small and clear one drawer or your desk top.
  • Talk to people. Don’t bottle things up, talk to family, friends or professionals if you have a problem or something is worrying you.
  • Take a break. If possible take a short break, even for a few days. A change of scenery and routine will uplift and refresh you.
  • Don’t  try to be perfect. Trying to be perfect puts a tremendous pressure on us. Just do your best and be happy with that.
  • Don’t worry unduly about what others think. Just be yourself. If you’ve done something wrong –apologise and move on. If you haven’t done anything wrong and are doing your best, be gentle with yourself and realise you are good enough as you are.
  • Be careful about how you talk about yourself.Whether it’s out loud or in your head be aware of and banish all negative or unkind thoughts. In time this will erode your self esteem and confidence.
  • You can choose how you see things. Every situation can either be perceived as a positive or negative experience. Choose to see it positively and you will respond in a way that helps rather than hinders you.
  • Have a good laugh. It increases blood flow, lowers high blood pressure and alleviates anxiety and depression. Watch a good comedy DVD or meet up with a friend who cheers you up.
  • Get in touch with nature. Going out and seeing the beauty of nature can sooth and calm us and give us a connection with the earth.
  • Read a good book. Give your self time to read, it will ease stress and help to forget any worries.
  • Pamper yourself. Think of different ways to do this and don’t feel guilty – you deserve it.
  • Surround yourself with a stress shield. Imagine you have a shield around you and nothing stressful can get through. It works!
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