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Redress the Stress is a unique and innovative Audio CD Resource for use in schools.

The programmes are teacher friendly and require minimal planning and preparation; which is a must for busy teachers and the workshops are designed for schools to run themselves.

D. Van- Alwon Teacher at Support Centre for Children with barriers to learning said:
‘We have found using Redress the Stress to be of enormous benefit to the children. Their enthusiasm for relaxing was a joy to behold. We felt that what we got back was totally out of proportion to the effort it took to implement the relaxation sessions.'

However, some schools may feel they would like to have training on how to implement the programmes and so training is available to fit the individual requirements of the school.

A one-hour training session for staff, as part of a staff meeting or training day is available by one of our Consultants.

Consultation and Training Fee: £450 (including Teachers / Assistants and Children’s Programmes. Also Free on-going support, advice and updates for one year)

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