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A 'Whole
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Emotional Health &


Does it Really Work?

Listen to what other teachers and children have said who have used the programme:

At a support Centre for children who are experiencing barriers to their learning due to social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, the Centre Manager wrote:

‘We were amazed at the response from the children. We noticed, even after this first time, a marked improvement in the children’s concentration and work output. One child completed more work during that afternoon than he had in the previous three and a half days!  We have found using Redress the Stress to be of enormous benefit to the children. Their enthusiasm for relaxing was a joy to behold. We felt that what we got back from the children was totally out of proportion to the effort it took to implement the relaxation sessions.’
Dawn Van Alwon, Primary Support Centre, Liverpool

A Reception teacher wrote:
‘I have found that the children calm down and settle down to work much more quickly. We use Redress the Stress every day as part of our afternoon routine after lunch.'
Sam Crosbie, Smithdown Primary, Reception Teacher

Two teachers spoke of the benefits they felt after the adult’s session, used as part of an in-service day:
‘I feel totally relaxed – ready for anything – even school! Feel uplifted and able to cope with life’s stresses.'
Niki Moroney, Year 6 Teacher

‘Lots of useful and easy techniques that can be used in the day. Feel very relaxed and positive.'
Jenny Murray, St. Hugh’s, Year 1 Teacher

 Feedback from children:
‘I liked it because I have never done it before and it relaxed me.’
‘If you have a fight at home, you can use it to relax.’
Year 3

‘It made me feel calm. If I was upset it would make me calm down.’
‘It will help me when I get stressed.’ 
Year 4

‘I really enjoyed it. It made me feel relaxed because I was a bit stressed after play.’
‘I enjoyed it because I know now how to relax when I am stressed or angry.’
Year 5

‘I thought it was nice and relaxing. I was really calm in the end.’
‘We got really good tips and they really worked.'
‘I thought it was good because I had a headache and then it went.’
Year 6

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