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Redress the Stress Together

Parents help your child -

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  • strengthen the bond between you
  • and feel more relaxed yourself

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In our fast paced, ever changing and sometimes insecure world, children today possibly face far more pressures and challenges than any age before.

Everyday life can be stressful for us as adults and our children too can experience stress and pressure. Pressure from peers, the need to conform, worry about exams and testing can all put our children under stress. Children often pick up on and become affected by the stress and pressures felt by their parents and carers.

Todayís scientific research indicates strongly that there is a link between stress and underachievement. Stress can actually block chemicals in the brain that are necessary for learning and memory development.

When we are truly relaxed, our brainwaves slow down and our awareness expands. Fresh creative energies start to flow, fears banish and we experience a liberating sense of well-being. True learning can only take place when we are in this state.

Feel like youíve had 1 hourís relaxation in just over 5 minutes

Listen to what the teachers & children are saying


  • One child did more work in one afternoon after the meditation than in the previous three days.
  • I have found the children settle down to work more quickly and are more focused.
  • Itís the best thing we have found for managing behaviour.
  • We have found the children cooperate better after the relaxation.


  • It makes me more confident.
  • The best thing about relaxation is how calm it makes me feel.
  • If I am upset it calms me down.
  • It helps me when I get stressed.

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  • Redress the Stress Together Meditation
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